Our company, Umbuso recognises a clear problem with young people and their obsessive use of technology. Therefore, we created a fun, young and unique card game to solve that.
As a company, we knew that trying to fulfil our aim of taking people away from technology and bringing people together wouldn't come close to happening if we attempted to create our own platform of entertainment. That's why, through market research - asking people what they love to do online and what they love to do with their family and friends - it was clear that creating a card game using the internet phenomenon, memes was the best way forward.

*Meme: A relatable image with a humorous piece of text.*

We have waffled on about why we created our game for long enough but we haven't actually told you what it is. Essentially our card game has two sets of cards: purple and blue. The blue cards are the picture cards and the purple, the caption cards. In a group of friends, take it in turns to create the funniest meme with the cards you have.

What makes us different to any other games or companies like us?

Although there are countless amounts of companies who also aim to get young people off technology we are different to any others as we aim to utilise the internet by taking what people love about it (memes) instead of trying to create something completely new.

Our game is also very different to any on the market because you're getting more cards for a cheaper price than any other similar games on the market. And it is reversible. Although the rules state that you must have the picture card in the middle and apply the captions to it. You also could reverse it so there is a caption card in the middle and the picture cards are distributed to the players.

Here are a couple of photos of our team and younger members of Kingsbury High School playing the prototype of the game.