We are UMBUSO.

Now you may be thinking, what is this odd sounding word ‘Umbuso’. Well, deriving from the Zulu word for empire, our company name Umbuso shows the drive, ambition and passion our company possess. It's young, fun and unique, just like us and our product.

Our company has only one aim:


We recognise that there is a clear problem with young people and their obsessive use of technology and we aim to fix that by taking what people love from the internet and incorporating them into a portable card game that people will love and enjoy. This makes us different to any other company who aims to get young people off the internet because instead of trying to create a foundation of a completely new platform, we aim to utilise what is already there (memes).

Why are we doing this?

Young Enterprise is a charity that empowers young people by teaching them key business skills by allowing them to create their own business and manufacture a unique product on their own. These key skills stay with young people as they enter the world of work in the future. It’s been a tough, bruising but yet ultimately fun experience so far and we don’t aim to stop anytime soon. We have only been doing the Young Enterprise Company Programme for 4 months and yet we are all invested in our business and are extremely passionate about our product, I meme it.

What is I Meme It?

Our product is a fun, young and unique card game aimed at young people who are in search of a memorable time with their friends and that's exactly what we will give them.

To find out more, head on to our page about the game.

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